Budget cuts to CCTV:
How Can I Ensure the Safety of my Premises?

National and local newspapers all over the UK have been in a flurry recently over government cuts which are affecting CCTV in our town and city centres. With 20% of local authorities cutting the number and the capability of their CCTV provision, public surveillance is in crisis.

CCTV in Crisis

Javed Khan, Chief Executive of Victim Support, has expressed his concern over these cuts. In an interview with The Independent (www.independent.co.uk) he highlighted CCTV's effectiveness in the prevention of crime and the prosecution of perpetrators:

CCTV can be a particularly useful tool for dealing with serious crimes such as rape, robbery and assault,' he said, adding that significant cuts to CCTV provision were 'worrying.' So, with the threat of rising crime in your local area, what can you do to ensure your premises are safe?

Whether your premises are domestic or commercial, RIDING can install a CCTV security package that is right for you.

We are currently responding to the backlash of the public cuts to CCTV by providing free company health-checks to businesses all over the UK.

RIDING's Free Company Health-Check

  • Call us free today to arrange your complementary security health-check
  • Meet with one of our expert advisers who will survey your premises and highlight any security issues you may have
  • Rest assured we will have a solution to remedy any security issues that arise

A quick fix and a long-term solution

Our team is fully trained and qualified to carry out CCTV installations. We can have your system up and running swiftly and provide ongoing maintenance support. We can also periodically assess your system to ensure it complies with the new Government Surveillance Code of Practice (June 2013).

Our comprehensive aftercare service means your CCTV system is fully-functioning long-term and will always comply with Government guidelines.

Let our experts unravel the red tape

Failure to comply with the Government guidelines and European laws on Data Protection and personal privacy could seriously compromise the professional integrity and reputation of your company, so it pays to leave it to the experts.

Our team are constantly updating their training, so we can deliver the latest technology and make sure it complies with the rules.

Quality not quantity

Recent research into CCTV has shown categorically that it is more efficient to have a few cameras which record high quality images than a blanket of poor quality cameras. When you hire RIDING, you are guaranteed high quality equipment and installation.

Our CCTV systems use the most up to date technology. Our experts are trained to angle cameras for optimum coverage and picture quality. We also comply with UK privacy laws, thus preventing disputes with your neighbours, employees and/or the authorities.

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