Cheating Partner Caught by Riding Ltd's Computer Forensics Team

When Lisa, * 32, started to notice the browsing history on the home computer had been deleted yet again, she was sure something was wrong.

Lisa's husband of four years kept telling her she was being paranoid when she questioned him about it.

'He just said he had got into the habit of deleting his internet history at work. He said it was just automatic,' says Lisa, a sales assistant from Northampton. 'It didn't ring true to me,' she continues. 'So I watched like a hawk whenever he was using our home computer, making up excuses for coming into the study. He tried to hide it, but I could tell he was anxious at me hovering around.'

Then, Lisa's husband started staying up later and getting up earlier. She put 2 and 2 together and concluded that he was going online while he could guarantee her absence.

'I started checking his 'phone but couldn't find any unusual texts or calls. But this didn't ease my mind. It was driving me mad! I finally decided I had to take the matter to a new level and really get to the bottom of it.'

Many women like Lisa call us when they suspect unusual activity by their partners. With the increase of online dating sites, social networks and instant messaging, it's never been so easy to find a willing participant in an extra-marital affair. There are even specialist websites devoted to pairing up married people who want to have affairs.

'People have always had affairs. The percentage is probably roughly constant throughout history, though it's difficult, by its very nature, to give an accurate figure,' says one of our agents who specialises in computer forensics. 'But it is the proliferation of the internet that makes it all the more accessible. However,' she adds. 'This also means that in some ways they are more likely to get caught!'

Most people who use the internet for illicit purposes do not realise just how difficult it is to ensure internet content is deleted. Even when a person manually clears internet history after a browsing session, temporary downloaded files and 'cookies' can leave an indelible trace.

Lisa called Riding Ltd. and hired one of our expert agents to investigate her suspicions.

'They were really sympathetic as well as being totally realistic and professional,' she says. 'It didn't take them long to find some very incriminating stuff: a secret Facebook account I didn't know about, logins to internet dating sites, instant messaging: the list goes on. I was overwhelmed and shocked. Even though I had suspected something, the reality of it was still breathtaking.'

Riding Ltd. helps hundreds of clients every year to uncover the truth about their cheating partners. Don't suffer in silence with that niggling feeling that something is wrong....


*Client's name changed to protect confidentiality

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