Valentine Cheats Beware - Computer Forensics Catch Cheating Partners at RIDING

Having an affair? Think you'll never be caught out if you conduct it all online?

At RIDING, our technology is making it easier by the day!

Most of our private clients who engage our computer forensics team do so to catch a partner they suspect is cheating. In the last five years in particular, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of cheating spouses using the internet to hook up with extra-marital partners. Most of these people are so caught up in the whirlwind of a heady affair. They have no idea how easy it is for them to be caught in the act.

If they share a PC or laptop with their family, just having a separate password does not ensure them secrecy. If anything, adopting an individual password only serves to increase their partner's suspicions.

Keystroke Cops

From the moment our specialist forensics equipment is installed, there is nowhere for your partner to hide. Deleted files can be recovered and viewed, their browsing history: catalogued and every keystroke they have typed: logged.

Some people who are cheating on their partners have the forethought to delete incriminating emails, cancel their browsing history or have a separate account with its own password, but they haven't reckoned on the ease with which we can obliterate their web of lies.

Going Underground

Most cheating partners have long ago cottoned on to simple strategies to avoid detection. Their affairs, once conducted on contract mobile phones, have shifted to pay-as-you-go handsets with no itemised bill.

However, we can still monitor calls they are making, with a tiny device they will never know is there.

Similarly, cheating partners who fear detection often go 'underground' with their technological activity: using pseudonyms online, encrypting passwords etc. They think this means their partners will never find out. So it's a shock to find out the only person they've been duping is themselves.

Sobering Facts

Just in case you are in any doubt about how widespread internet infidelity really is in the UK....

  • 28,000 people in the UK get divorced every year as a result of adultery
  • The website IllicitEncounters.com reported a whopping 250% increase in their membership last year!
  • Law firm Divorce Online reported that Facebook was cited in one third of divorce cases in 2010*

*Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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