How Vehicle Tracking Saved Me and My Company

Vehicle tracking case study: How vehicle tracking saved me and my company £1000s

When Liz *, MD of a successful sales business in Bristol, noticed certain employees claiming unusually high mileage expenses month upon month, she knew she had to call in the experts.

'Whilst I knew that sometimes my employees do more miles one month than others, I started to notice a pattern, with mileage claims rising month after month. For a director of a relatively small business, the importance of having staff you can wholly trust can never be underestimated,' says Liz, 44, who hired Riding Ltd. when she suspected corporate fraud operating on a small scale amongst some of her employees.

'Though the fraud I suspected was limited to travel claims, I feared this could be the thin end of the wedge,' admits Liz. 'And if there was anything going on, it had to be nipped in the bud sooner rather than later.'

Liz asked specialist agents at Riding Ltd. to look into the possibility that certain key staff members may be using company vehicles in their own time, adding on miles to their journeys or even worse, moonlighting.

It has been estimated that over-claimed business miles are costing British business in the region of £2.2 billion a year. Liz certainly did not want to be a part of that statistic.

A specialist agent from Riding Ltd. who has had years of experience in this field, recommended a vehicle tracker package for Liz. This is an efficient and cost-effective method of investigation which also has the added bonus of being discreet.

The online tracker system was up and running the very same day.

This meant that Liz was able to view the tracker online, 24 hours a day. Being a busy business-woman, Liz was able to watch it while on the go:

'The agent gave me a written and visual report of the vehicle's movements, which was a really useful summary for me. From this, it was easy to calculate the discrepancy between the miles my employee had actually covered and what they'd been claiming for.'

For Liz, it wasn't just this isolated incident she wanted to target:

'My employees have to know that this sort of fraudulent behaviour is not going to be overlooked or tolerated within our company.'

Many businesses across the UK now hire Riding Ltd. for isolated incidents of corporate fraud relating to company vehicles.

Increasing numbers are also asking us to carry out routine spot-checks on company cars, to help them ensure that mileage claims tally with the distance their employees travel.

With a staggering 46% of drivers surveyed by Tom Tom business solutions ( www.fleetinnovations.com ) admitting to overestimating their mileage when claiming fuel expenses, more businesses are turning to Riding Ltd. to stem the flow: from the petrol pump to palpable profit!

They say prevention is better than cure: Try our money-saving, highly effective and comprehensive tracker package today.

Call one of our friendly advisers for further information and to get a quote....

*Name changed in the interests of client confidentiality

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