Myth Busters:
TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures)

With corporate surveillance on the increase as companies become more competitive and bugging equipment becomes more readily available, it pays to wise up to the ins and outs of TSCM.

With over ten years of experience in this field, you can rely on RIDING. to guide you through the tricky terrain of TSCM

Myth 1:

If I hire you to do an electronic sweep of my premises, everyone will be alerted to what you are doing and it will be counterproductive

The Truth

We use plain unmarked vehicles for these assignments and carry our equipment discreetly. Our 24-hour service ensures that we can work around you and your business. If you would prefer us to arrive once all your employees have left the premises for the night, we can accommodate your request.

Myth 2:

Surely it’s only high profile people in government who would ever be victim of bugging/surveillance?

The Truth

Whilst government officials and MPs are certainly likely to be the victims of bugging, it would be a mistake to consider yourself immune. Indeed, many business men and women have fallen victim to bugging because of this very misconception. Others on the ‘high risk’ list for surveillance include:

  • Those who maintain personal records
  • Those experiencing personnel problems within a company
  • Anyone in dispute with partners (professional or personal)
  • Those making large insurance claims
  • Business people involved in litigation cases (professional or personal)

This list is by no means exhaustive. Anyone, anywhere, can be the victim of bugging.

Myth 3:

If I am not a business-person, it is unlikely I would fall victim to bugging

The Truth

There are many personal circumstances which may give rise to bugging. These include:

  • Getting married, separated or divorced
  • Being stalked
  • Inheriting a large sum of money
  • Filing a sizeable insurance claim

Myth 4:

Bugging only really happens in films, not in real life

The Truth

At RIDING, our experience says the exact opposite. Bugging is happening now all across the UK: invading our privacy, breaking the law and costing our businesses £1000s. The proliferation of surveillance equipment, particularly since the recession, is overwhelming. Bugs are now so readily available on the internet that virtually anyone can get hold of them. They are so small that even the most wary people would not know they were being targeted. The latest equipment works with GSM, so as long as there is a signal it can be picked up anywhere in the world.

Myth 5:

Wouldn’t it be obvious that I was being bugged? Why do I need an expert to conduct TSCM?

The Truth

Most surveillance devices are now so compact that they can be hidden anywhere: from mobile ‘phones to key fobs or even cigarette lighters! The most vigilant of us would not be able to pick up these devices, without the implementation of specialist counter-measure equipment. Our agents are experts in the field and know exactly what to look for. We remove any bugs completely and can give advice about what to look out for in the future.

Myth 6:

Once I’ve had an electronic sweep on my premises, I don’t need to have it done again

The Truth

Unfortunately, as technology develops so do the difficulties of detecting and destroying bugs. TSCM should form a part of your company’s ‘house-keeping’ policy. Many of our clients hire us on a continuous contract to carry out random checks throughout the year. Once you have been targeted, it is unlikely that those responsible will just give up. Indeed, in many cases they renew their efforts and come up with more efficient and discreet equipment. At RIDING. we constantly update our equipment and detection skills to stem the flow. So don’t rest on your laurels... you may regret it!

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