Riding Ltd's Mystery Shopper Service saved my business!

I started to notice we were getting very few repeat customers, and was beginning to worry about it. After much deliberation, I decided to call Riding Ltd. They were recommended to me by a friend whose business had been suffering in the same way. She advised me to get some covert surveillance carried out to get to the root of the problem.

I needed someone anonymous who could observe and also interact with my frontline staff without them being on guard. As soon as I contacted Riding Ltd, they inspired me with confidence. I got my own case manager who asked me all about the business, what the problems might be and what I wanted to achieve. With clear objectives in place, they undertook the investigation.

What they uncovered truly appalled me. The DVD footage showed frontline staff chatting to each other and just ignoring customers. When they did engage, they seemed vague and frankly, rude. No wonder I had no idea about what was going on. When I was around, they obviously felt they had to step up a gear, but once I was gone they slipped back into ignorance and nonchalance.

I am not one of those bosses who demand that my staff have sickly, painted-on smiles at all times, but this was ridiculous. No wonder customers weren't coming back. It's true what they say: word of mouth is a powerful force. The word was obviously getting around that my staff members were rude and unhelpful.

With this evidence under my belt, I started planning a series of training days for my employees. I thought it might put them offside to come clean and admit I had been spying on them, but the information Riding Ltd. got for me was pure gold dust.

A year on, our customer service has improved steadily and as a routine we ask customers to give feedback about their visit. We are not perfect, but what I learnt from this experience has helped to get my business back on track!

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