Polygraph / Lie Detector Tests

Commercial Polygraph Testing

We also offer private polygraph tests and tests designed for solicitors.


Nottingham: £399 + VAT (£478.80)

England and Wales: From £499 + VAT (£598.80)

Scotland: £699 + VAT (£838.80)

Additional Test (Same Day): £299 + VAT (£358.80)

Pre-Employment Testing

Why put your business at risk by employing someone who could be detrimental or duplicitous to the company? Trust is an important factor in any business – large or small – and it is vital that new employees can be trusted to have the background they say they have.

Pre-Employment testing consists of a comprehensive pre-employment security interview into areas such as education, work history, drinking and gambling habits, finance, misconduct, morality and illegal drug use. This is then followed by a pre-employment polygraph examination consisting of a minimum of three charts of data to ensure accuracy.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud of any kind can be costly to a business. Whether it involves information leakage, theft of money, stock or equipment misuse a polygraph test will help resolve these issues.

Theft Investigation / Falsely Accused

A polygraph test can help prove innocence and could go a long way to clearing your name or that of somebody else.

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