Pre-nuptial Investigation

Are you sure you know your partner as well as you think you do?

Committing to somebody through marriage can be one of life's most exciting steps. Before being swept up in the joyful emotion of a wedding, many couples consider it wise to plan for every eventuality

For those people who have significant wealth prior to entering into a marriage, a pre-nuptial agreement you can prevent any financial or property dispute from ending up in Court.

As marriage laws in the UK increasingly reflect those of North America, pre-nuptial investigations are sure to become an important requirement in any pre-nuptial agreement.

RIDING's pre-nuptial assessment and in-depth investigation services will ensure that you know the whole truth about your future spouse.

RIDING Can Provide:

  • Information regarding previous marriages
  • Surveillance on the subject's movements
  • Information regarding dependants
  • Background and credit checks
  • Polygrah testing
  • Land Registry search
  • CCJ’s/bankruptcy orders
  • Aliases
  • Employment verification
  • Company director search

Nikkah and Arranged Marriages

Our Case Managers are sensitive to the issues surrounding Nikkah and have extensive experience in this area.

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Proceding With Your Investigation

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