Child Custody

Custody cases treated with sensitivity and professionalism

If your client believes that there is a risk to a child or that care arrangements differ from those agreed, RIDING Corporate Investigations can help gather the evidence your client requires to make an informed decision. We have extensive exeperience in custody cases and appreciate that it can be difficult to ascertain:

  • The level & quality of care provided
  • A party's viability as a primary carer
  • The risk factors associated with the other party

Case Managers will liaise with you or your client directly to ensure that you both have an understanding of how the investigation will be carried out and the options available. Custody cases are treated with a high level of sensitivity and professionalism.

Our services include investigation into:

  • Care arrangements
  • Third parties in contact with the child
  • Risk assessments
  • Living arrangements
  • Lifestyle of the carer

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If you would like to discuss details further then please contact us on 0800 652 8688 or email

Proceding With Your Investigation

We offer all clients a free consultation either by phone or in person.

Contact us via the website, use our live chat service, or call 0800 652 8688 to speak with one of our Client Care Managers.

All enquiries are handled by experienced Case Managers and are treated in the strictest of confidence - get in touch and see what we can do for you. There's no obligation to proceed.

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