Injury Claims

Protection for your client

RIDING Corporate Investigations have a wealth of experience gathering evidence when claimants are suspected of:

  • Exaggerating health problems
  • Overstating injuries or illness
  • Claiming inability to perform certain tasks or duties
  • Falsifying claims to remain in employment whilst receiving sick pay

These cases may be in regard to an insurance claim or protection for your client during an employment tribunal.  Using a combination of investigatory experience, the latest surveillance techniques and modern technology our team provide reports for use as clear and impartial evidence.

Case Managers will liaise with you or your client directly to ensure that all operations are carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible. Your Case Manager will be available throughout the investigation providing a clear line of communication, ensuring that you and your client are aware of evidence collected as the case progresses.

Our services include investigation into:

  • The extent of any injury
  • Physical or health related issues suffered by the claimant
  • Quantification of loss suffered by the claimant
  • Activities undertaken by a claimant, be these employment or social
  • Liability of an individual or organisation
  • Witness statements
  • Locus reports

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Proceding With Your Investigation

We offer all clients a free consultation either by phone or in person.

Contact us via the website, use our live chat service, or call 0800 652 8688 to speak with one of our Client Care Managers.

All enquiries are handled by experienced Case Managers and are treated in the strictest of confidence - get in touch and see what we can do for you. There's no obligation to proceed.

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