Polygraph Services

Polygraph Testing for Solicitors

We also offer commercial and private polygraph testing.


Nottingham: £399 + VAT (£478.80)

England and Wales: From £499 + VAT (£598.80)

Scotland: £699 + VAT (£838.80)

Additional Test (Same Day): £299 + VAT (£358.80)

Fully qualified by the American Polygraph Association

RIDING Corporate Investigations is the UK's leading provider of  polygraph examination services.

Recent studies show the accuracy of the latest computerised polygraph testing to be 98%.

Polygraph testing is a key part of the American legal system and RIDING have seen a similar trend emerging in the UK.  While the use in UK courts remains a much debated issue, the likelihood of the UK system eventually following that of the USA is a strong one.

Why Use a Polygraph?

Protecting Your Firm's Reputation

The use of a polygraph examination is an excellent method of protecting a legal company's reputation.  If you have doubts about your client's claims, a polygraph examination can quickly ascertain the viability of a client's defence.

HR Issues and Tribunals

We have undertaken numerous cases where a polygraph examination has resulted in vital evidence coming to light and quickly resolving issues such as employment discrimination, claims of sexual harassment, loss prevention, theft and false insurance claims.


A Pre-Employment Polygraph (PEP) examination can quickly establish the viability of potential candidates for sensitive roles such as those with access to high value items, currency, sensitive data or working with vulnerable persons.

Private Use

We regularly carry out work for private individuals that require the truth for a number of reasons. Fidelity cases are a common request but we have helped a number of individuals that have been through the legal system and wanted the polygraph for further evidence to present to family and friends to prove their innocence.

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